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Vasectomy Newcastle 

We offer vasectomy appointments with on site, dedicated surgical appointments available to complete the procedure at our clinic in Newcastle.  When you book a Vasectomy with Brightwell Health, you can expect a seamless, and highly professional experience.  We can offer a consultation and procedure on the same day, making the procedure stress free and with minimal impact- so you can get back to living your best life.  

Our Vasectomy Method  

Experience our efficient and innovative vasectomy method, with the procedure completed in just 10-15 minutes, offering a walk-in, walk-out process.

Step 1: We begin by applying a rapid-acting local anesthetic to the front of the scrotal skin and vas deferens using our mini-needle technique. This ensures the procedure remains painless throughout. 

Step 2: A single 4-5mm keyhole incision is delicately made into the scrotal skin using our no-scalpel method. This technique promotes swift healing without the need for stitches, minimizing downtime post-vasectomy. 

Step 3: Next, we access the left vas deferens through the keyhole incision and carefully separate a small section from its surrounding fascia. The fascia acts as natural insulation around the vas deferens. 

Step 4: The vas deferens is then precisely divided and sealed using a hyfrecator. This division facilitates easy fascial interposition, where a small section of surrounding fascia is fixed over the upper end of the vas deferens to prevent rejoining. 

Step 5: Our open-ended technique leaves the testicular end of the vas deferens unsealed, preventing sperm congestion in the testicles and significantly reducing the risk of post-vasectomy pain. 

Step 6: The same meticulous procedure is repeated on the right vas deferens through the same keyhole incision. 

Step 7: Finally, a small waterproof dressing is applied to the skin, promoting rapid wound healing without the need for stitches. After a brief 15-minute recovery period, you’re ready to leave. 

Experience our streamlined vasectomy approach for a comfortable and efficient procedure with minimal downtime. 

Dr Tim Berwick is well versed and highly experienced in vasectomy procedures over his extensive career. He focuses on a gentle technique with his patients comfort and experience top of mind.  Offering a consult and procedure on the same day, we can provide a minimal fuss and seamless experience.  

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Dr Tim Berwick, Vasectomist Newcastle

Dr Tim Berwick


Dr Tim Berwick is a Vasectomy Specialist and General Practitioner, with a Bachelor of medicine (BMed), FRACGP, DipCH, and proud Newcastle local. 

Specialising in no-scalpel vasectomies, Tim offers high quality care for his patients, in a supportive, professional environment – with a goal to minimise the anxiety associated with getting a vasectomy. 

“I really enjoy and take pride in my work. Vasectomy is an important service to provide – it’s low cost and low risk. I believe I provide a high standard of care, not only in the surgery itself but in ensuring my patients are appropriately informed and followed up with, while also making sure they feel as comfortable as possible throughout” 

Dr Tim is also an avid football player and fan alike, loves to cook (and enjoy eating his creations!) and is a valued member of the Brightwell Health team!