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About Brightwell Health

Brightwell Health was born from a belief that everyone deserves better. Founded by four industry-leading specialists—Dr. Phoebe Walsh, Dr. Kate Haggar, Dr. Frida Carswell, and Dr. Ashmita Desai—who share a passion for creating a welcoming, judgment-free environment for everyone who walks through their doors.  

Having worked extensively in sexual and reproductive health, they collectively recognised the need for specialised, accessible services. Witnessing patients’ struggles firsthand, they combined their expertise and passion to establish Brightwell Health.  

The founders consist of experienced GPs and Gynaecologists dedicated to reproductive rights, sexual health, obstetrics and gynaecology. Their shared vision aims to set a new standard for women’s health in Australia.  

As accomplished professionals, they bring a solid foundation of medical expertise and a commitment to advancing healthcare equality and accessibility for everyone. 

Backed  by leading-edge research, Brightwell Health provides a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary healthcare service. The team specialises in Sexual, Reproductive, and Gynaecological Health, offering appointments in Allied Health, Physiotherapy,  Vasectomy, Gynaecology and Obstetrics.  

At Brightwell Health, we’re empowering you to be you. 

No referral is required for most of our services (excluding Gynaecologist appointments) – come and see us, book here.